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Hello sweetie!

I'm Ketlyn Villem.

I am a woman who is a mixture of the earthy and the spiritual. I can float around an incense-smoky room and channel higher awareness. I can be the practical Personal Trainer of Souls who notices and sees where you yourself have not been able to look.
I am gentle and caring and I will guide you safely and carefully towards clarity, lightness, and a better connection with yourself. If necessary, I will gently wipe away all your tears and support you on your journey to your power!

However, for most of my life, I have done a "pretty normal job". I have been a server, a manager, and a team leader.
In all these roles I have worked with people.
I have always enjoyed supporting and helping others.

One autumn day in 2018, I was suddenly laid off.
I was joyful, sad, happy, and angry at the same time.

I can actually count this moment as the beginning of my new life.

We "die" and are "born" every time,

when we choose the unknown and a completely new path.


It was then that the Tarot cards came to me again. I use them 

creating clarity and I am again and again fascinated by symbols

from a deep and meaningful world.

I have studied classic Coaching and I have a 5-level adult trainer certificate. 

In 2020, I made a request for the Universe to guide me to a method through which I could support even more people on their journey.
There are no coincidences and the Constellation Method came to me. On this journey, my teachers have been and are Kalmer Kase, Stephan Hausner, Tiiu Bolzzman, Vlad Syritsa, Cecilio Fernandez Regojo. In October 2022, I finished the 2-year study of Family Architects. 


I call the constellation work I do "Constellations in Ketlyn Sauce". This is because I weave my strong and special perception into the works, and I also use the support and guidance of the invisible world.

Since 2022, I have been fascinated by the deep world of Human Design. Under the supervision of Elena Koit, I have completed the online courses "Human Design for people working with people", "Human Design in Relationships".


Ketlyn Villem
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