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Ketlyn Villem konstellatsioon

Ketlyn Villem

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, let's go together!

Soul Message Card Channeling is an opportunity to make your soul level whispers heard through the Tarot Cards. In the channeling session, I will make the message that is inside you heard through Tarot. Your soul whispers. Let's create clarity and lightness in the session together. If desired, the meeting can be expanded and include coaching, energy work, changing the frequency.

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Constellation is a method by which you have the opportunity to understand the root cause and bring unconscious connections to light.

Constellation in Ketlyn's sauce is a meeting where in addition to Constellation work I also use deep Frequency Shifting techniques and Energy work.

In the session, we go exactly as far and as deep as the client is ready.

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Co-creations with other Powers

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Ketlyn Villem

You have reached my vibrant soul to a virtual home.


I'm Ketlyn.

My innate talent is

to support you on your journey.

Ketlyn Villem
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The road to yourself can be very beautiful...
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